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Java Home Mismatch and Multiple Gradle Daemons

Using a different JDK for command line builds vs Android Studio or IntelliJ builds will cause a new Gradle daemon to spawn. This will instantly double the memory being used by Gradle.

To fix this issue, we recommend setting your JAVA_HOME environment variable and then using this JAVA_HOME as the JDK used by Android Studio or IntelliJ.


Set JAVA_HOME so that switching between Android Studio and the terminal does not trigger a full rebuild.

To set JAVA_HOME (using bash): echo \"export JAVA_HOME=${'$'}(/usr/libexec/java_home)\" >> ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zshrc if using zsh.

Using JAVA_HOME from Android Studio:

To Fix:

  1. Open Module Settings (F4) Open module settings

  2. Click SDK Location

  3. Set JDK location to JAVA_HOME select-java-home

View all Gradle Daemons

jps will print out all the java processes on the system and the process id (pid).

Killing Gradle Daemons

./gradlew --stop will kill all Gradle Daemons with the current Gradle version.

pkill -f '.*GradleDaemon.*' will kill all Gradle Daemons regardless of version.