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Gradle Doctor

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The right prescription for your Gradle build.

Watch this Virtual Android Makers 2019 entitled The Secrets of the Build Scan Plugin and the Internals of Gradle to learn more about what this plugin does.


  1. Apply the Gradle Plugin to the root of your project.
  2. The Gradle Doctor will print suggestions for your build as you run regular tasks.
plugins {
  id "" version "0.9.1"
plugins {
  id("") version "0.9.1"

For legacy plugin application, see the Gradle Plugin Portal.


Configurable Warnings

  • Warn when build spends more than 10% of the time garbage collecting.
  • Warn when connection to maven repositories is slowing down the build.
  • Warn when build cache connection speed is slowing down the build.

Supported Gradle versions

The minimum supported Gradle version is 6.1.1. If using Gradle 5.x, please use Gradle Doctor version 0.7.3.